Let's Move! June Edition

Feeling tightness in your upper back? Use this exercise to stretch the upper back and create space between the shoulder blades. This can be done standing or seated.

Eagle Arms How-To

1. Cross the left arm over the right making an X out in front of you.

2. Next, lift your forearms to be perpendicular to the ground and bring the backs of your hand to touch.

3. If you are able, you can also wrap the palms fully to face one another.

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1 2 (1).jpg

4. Lift your elbows to shoulder height, and settle the heads of your arm bones back toward your shoulder sockets. Maintain that, and reach your hands forward away from you to create more stretch between your upper shoulder blades. Relax your face and your jaw. Keep your spine straight and the crown of your head rising.

5. Hold 5-10 breaths.

6. Repeat on the other side.


Modification: Bear Hug!

If you're having trouble wrapping the forearms, Bear Hug is a great option. Keeping the hug, gently lift your elbows upwards to find a stretch between the shoulder blades. Try to keep your shoulder blades relaxing down your back as you take 5-10 breaths into your upper back. Don't forget to repeat with the arms crossed the opposite way!

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*Disclaimer: Always consult your health care provider and obtain full medical clearance before practicing yoga or any other exercise program. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor may reduce the risk of injuries. Not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your healthcare provider, can also help determine what poses are suitable for your particular case. The information provided in this blog is strictly for reference only and is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice or direct guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. Oly Family Chiropractic Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may result from practicing yoga or any other exercise program.