Let's Move! March Edition

Bird Dog Exercise How To:

Come to your hands and knees on a nonskid yoga mat. You may want to place a yoga blanket under your knees for extra padding. Find a neutral spine by drawing your navel up away from the floor.

  1. Extend your right leg straight back, straightening your knee. There’s no need to try to lift the leg above your pelvis. This can actually cause stress in your low back. Let your leg be parallel to the floor and flex your foot.

  2. Extend your left arm forward, straightening your elbow. Again, there’s no need to hyperextend your shoulder joint by lifting your hand higher than your torso.

  3. Ground firmly through your right palm and fingertips and your left knee, shin, and foot, rooting them into your mat.

  4. Simultaneously extend the right leg backward and left arm forward, keeping the back of your neck long and making sure not to collapse into the shoulders. Try to broaden your shoulder blades across your back to keep the upper back engaged.

  5. Stay for 3 - 5 deep breaths, continuing to ground the right palm and left knee, shin and foot as you extend the left arm and right leg.

  6. Return to all fours. Rest here if you like, feeling the effects of the pose. You can also rest in Child’s Pose if you prefer. (See image below)

  7. Practice Bird Dog Pose on the other side.


*Disclaimer: Always consult your health care provider and obtain clearance before practicing yoga or any other exercise program. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor may reduce the risk of injuries. Not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your healthcare provider, can also help determine what poses are suitable for your particular case. The information provided in this blog is strictly for reference only and is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice or direct guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. Oly Family Chiropractic Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may result from practicing yoga or any other exercise program.