Chiropractic for Children

We see kids every day in our chiropractic office, and if you don’t know why kids benefit from chiropractic, then let me explain how taking your child to a chiropractor is an investment in their health now and the future.

I’m what they call a “chiro kid,” I received my first chiropractic adjustment when I was one day old and now I’m a chiropractor too. My mom, an amazing chiropractor, adjusted me just 30 minutes after I was born and continued to adjust me throughout my entire childhood. I get the question a lot, why would you need to see a chiropractor for your entire life, were you a really sick child? The answer is no, I actually was a really healthy kid. I never had asthma or allergies, nor did I get ear infections or chronic colds. And this wasn’t because I was born this way, it’s because my spine was aligned, kept aligned, and my body could work normally.

In science, we know that the spine protects and houses the Central Nervous System. We also know that the Central Nervous System controls and regulates all functions in our body, including our immune system! As a chiropractor, I look at the spine to see if there are vertebra stuck out of alignment thus interfering with the Central Nervous System doing its job.

So when I say, I’ve been under chiropractic care since I was born, it wasn’t because I was always sick, it’s because chiropractic kept me healthy.

Part of my mission is to help create a brighter healthier now and future for children, and with what we know, chiropractic will promote a healthier working body for all kids who receive it. As a certified pediatric chiropractor through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), I strive to understand the best way to baby’s and kids grow up as healthy as can be.

To seek a pediatric chiropractor in your area, visit the ICPA website to find one near you, click here. To learn more about our practice and chiropractic for kids, click here.

Dr. Amy Markhoff, D.C.