Ellie's only real issue is her digestion, she is always on the verge of constipation and if the girl even looks at a banana she can't poop. During her exam she really responded when Dr. Amy touched on her sacrum and low back, which controls digestion. She performed several adjustments on her as well and it's like the floodgates have opened! Ellie now "eliminates" 3-5 times a day, regardless of what she eats!"


"The kids went in for their first exam and adjustment a couple of weeks ago. Finn's main problem is his ears - they have fluid built up in them and he complains at least once a day that they are plugged. During his exam she used a thermographic scanner on his neck and measured a lot of inflammation on one side. She adjusted him in several different places, including some cranial work and he has not complained about his ears ever since.

-Sara M.

"Before I started coming to them I had troubled nights sleeping because of pain in my neck that caused extreme migraines or i couldn't lay on my left side without my legs going numb. After my first adjustment with them I was able to finally sleep through the night and I could finally sleep on my left side! Its been four years of torture, and I haven't had one random migraine yet! If you want to feel refreshed they are your go to people!"

-Jennifer L.

"Amy gave me adjustments when I was pregnant (I had horrible back pain) and it helped immediately. I was so thankful for her help and would recommend her to any pregnant person. She talked me through it (as a first time mom, I was nervous to do anything) and she made me feel so comfortable and that baby was safe and cared for. Thank you!"

-Suzie W.

"I have been dealing with pain for some time, and I have seen a few chiropractors. But by far I have never felt the genuine care that Dr. Ari and Dr. Amy have shown. Their adjustments have improved not just my posture but my health in general."

-Cristian G.

"This experience has made significant and quick changes with my health. I was destined for a knee replacement, Dr. Amy was able to adjust my knee cap which has allowed it to move. It is an understatement that these Dr.'s are amazing and life changing."

-Rebekah L.

"I came here based on my fiancé's recommendation. Having been told she needed knee surgery for several years and living with pain, they discovered her knee was basically out of joint. Needless to say, she feels like a new woman. I have had chiropractic care in the past. I'm a mechanic and I suffer from migraines. I'm 46 with the body of, what feels like, an 86 year old. The first thing that impressed me was the intake. It wasn't about cracking bones. It was about me, my life, my health goals."

-Jim H.

"I just had an amazing back adjustment by Dr Ari today, and it moved so easily. He also adjusted my shoulder and ribs, and I am super pleased with the results! I've seen maybe a dozen different chiropractors over my lifetime, I'm 81 years old, and that was the best adjustment I've ever had, I highly recommend them."

-Bill M.