Dr. Amy and Dr. Ari both graduated and earned their doctorate degree in chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. They have been practicing in Washington state since 2016 and love it here! They opened Oly Family Chiropractic in 2017 after travelling through Southeast Asia, India, and Europe for 4 months. They are passionate about helping others realize their health potential and they love being outside and exploring the PNW!


Amy Anthony, D.C. 

Dr. Amy received her first chiropractic check at just 30 minutes old by her mom, and has been getting regular chiropractic care her whole life. Growing up in a family of chiropractors, she learned early on that the body heals itself. It's this principle of nature that makes chiropractic so unique and beautiful, something that Dr. Amy wants to share with the world. 

As a college athlete, Dr. Amy saw a need for chiropractic care even at the athletic collegiate level. Seeing this sparked a determination to bring chiropractic to the world.

Dr. Amy is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), where she also received her Webster Technique Certification (specific for pregnancy) and ICPA Certification.  


Ari Anthony, D.C. 

Dr. Ari decided to follow in his fathers footsteps when he realized that chiropractic was more than just a profession, but it works with the principles of life. He was checked and received his first chiropractic adjustment at one hour old by his dad.

He recognizes that each person has an innate healing potential. In 2017, he received an adjustment that brought back hearing in his right ear. Since then, he has made it his unshakable purpose to make sure every single person is clear of vertebral subluxation, and able to experience a life free of nerve interference.


Chelsea Rosen, Team Member

Chelsea moved to Olympia in December 2017 for her husband’s job with the Department of Ecology. She had never even been to Washington State before the move, but it already feels like home! Chelsea is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher trained in yoga therapy, vinyasa, and prenatal yoga and was most recently teaching full time back in her home state of Michigan for the past few years. Growing up a competitive dancer, she was originally drawn to yoga for the movement aspects but soon realized it was so much more. Through her own yoga practice, Chelsea has found healing of the body, mind, and spirit. She did her first teacher training in 2012 when she decided she wanted to be able to share that healing with others. Chelsea also spent many years as a nanny while living in Los Angles, California. She adores kids and finds so much joy in their presence. Holistic healing and children are two of her biggest passions and she is beyond excited to join the team at Oly Family Chiropractic and serve the community from her heart.