Dr. Amy and Dr. Ari both graduated and earned their doctorate degree in chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. They have been practicing in Washington state since 2016 and love it here! They opened Oly Family Chiropractic in 2017 after travelling through Southeast Asia, India, and Europe for 4 months. They are passionate about helping others realize their health potential and they love being outside and exploring the PNW!


Amy Anthony, D.C. 

Dr. Amy received her first chiropractic check at just 30 minutes old by her mom, and has been getting regular chiropractic care her whole life. Growing up in a family of chiropractors, she learned early on that the body heals itself. It's this principle of nature that makes chiropractic so unique and beautiful, something that Dr. Amy wants to share with the world. 

As a college athlete, Dr. Amy saw a need for chiropractic care even at the athletic collegiate level. Seeing this sparked a determination to bring chiropractic to the world.

Dr. Amy is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), where she also received her Webster Technique Certification (specific for pregnancy) and ICPA Certification.  


Joy Grindeland, Chiropractic Assisstant

Joy was first introduced to chiropractic when she started working with a chiropractor in Colorado 15 years ago.  She was always very health conscious and cared about her overall wellness but it wasn’t until she started under care that she realized the lower level of health she had been settling for her whole life.  Growing up she had horrible allergies and was sick frequently.  Learning about the nervous system and how it controls every function in the body-including the immune system-it initiated a paradigm shift for her and how she viewed health.  After going through a corrective care program and getting her body freed of nerve interference she noticed huge changes in her overall health.  She hasn’t taken allergy medication to cover symptoms in the last 15 years as her body has been functioning the way it was intended! 

Falling in love with chiropractic and having a deep passion for helping people, she has become a huge advocate for chiropractic, spending the past 15 years working with chiropractors across the country.  She loves seeing other people experience the health transformation she did and be empowered to live their fullest life potential!


Ari Anthony, D.C. 

Dr. Ari decided to follow in his fathers footsteps when he realized that chiropractic was more than just a profession, but it works with the principles of life. He was checked and received his first chiropractic adjustment at one hour old by his dad.

He recognizes that each person has an innate healing potential. In 2017, he received an adjustment that brought back hearing in his right ear. Since then, he has made it his unshakable purpose to make sure every single person is clear of vertebral subluxation, and able to experience a life free of nerve interference.